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Crawl Space Waterproofing Services
Learn what may be contributing to water in your crawl space and how DryShield can resolve these problems.

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Mableton, GA

During the rainy season in Georgia, as excess groundwater permeates area lawns, homeowners commonly notice water pooling in their crawl spaces. Downspout extensions can divert rainwater away from the base of your house to prevent your crawl space from collecting water, but rain is not the only cause of crawl space flooding. Leaky pipes, humidity, cracks in the walls and foundation, and humidity can all contribute to water pooling in your crawl space. 

As air enters your home at ground level, humidity is trapped in your crawl space because of the difference between the external and internal temperatures of your home. If the outside air is humid, then crawl space vents and groundwater evaporation can trap even more moisture in your crawl space. This temperature difference is one of the reasons your home’s structural materials expand and contract over time, leading to cracks that allow water into your crawl space. 

These moisture problems and more can be solved with remedial and proactive waterproofing services from DryShield. Contact us today to learn how we can help treat your basement or crawl space.

Water in Crawl Space Services Mableton, GA DryShield Waterproofing

How to Keep Water Out of Your Crawl Space

Inspecting your crawl space for leaky pipes, mold accumulation, and condensation can tell you if you have a moisture problem on your hands, but crawl space encapsulation is the best way to keep water out. 

DryShield offers a variety of waterproofing solutions to suit your home’s needs. Options like crawl space insulation and humidity control can lower your energy bills and improve air quality. Similar to insulation, crawl space vapor barriers create an extra layer of protective separation between your home and external sources of moisture. And tools like sump pumps and specialized drain tiling are great at extracting water to prevent flooding. 

Our expert team of waterproofing technicians can guide you in determining the best options for preventing water damage and moisture accumulation in your home. Contact us today to learn how DryShield can help you!

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